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Google Chrome just launched its best feature in years – Google just gave us a very long overdue gift: the ability to browse in silence. That’s because Google Chrome will finally mute annoying autoplaying videos.

to your home screen), which is.

If you work on a remote team or have a need for “show and tell” communication, you’ve got to check out this extension for Google Chrome.

a high-quality video screen capture tool like.

One of the headline features of Android O is picture-in-picture video support.

Movies – now it’s Chrome’s turn. If you’re on Android O, just go full-screen on any video in Chrome and tap.

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Google’s line of Chrome OS laptops has seen plenty of releases.

But admittedly, Chromebooks made in mind for users who make videos or needing full versions of most studio apps.

The Google Chrome notebook (Cr-48) probably won’t turn any heads. It’s plain black and void of any branding. Here’s a quick video unboxing of the thing. Google really built up my.

The beauty of Google’s Chrome OS is.

8 seconds to arrive at the password screen and another 4 to 5 seconds to reach full readiness even if I left the Chrome browser open when I shut the system.

How does Google know whether you’ve indicated an interest in the media? Chrome will register you being interested in autoplay videos when you add a webpage to your phone’s home screen or when you.

Users can download the themes from the Chrome Web Store (here) and are easy to install. The 14 coloured themes — Just Black.

the screen dark and the text White. Back in August, Google rolled.

Google Chrome will soon be getting a lot quieter. Google on Thursday announced that its Web browser will soon block autoplay videos that have.

the site to the Home Screen of your mobile device.