How To Use Astro A10 On Pc

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The on-ear audio control is an intuitive slider that’s easy to use while.

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A10 Gaming Headset PC/MAC Setup Guide || ASTRO GamingAstro A10 Review – Stellar Budget Performance (PS4) – There’s blue for the PS4 model, red for the PC.

when using other headsets, such as the SteelSeries mentioned earlier, noticed a marked increase in voice quality when on the ASTRO A10.

Astro’s first-ever budget gaming headset doesn’t skimp on sound – Astro Gaming headsets have always been a tradeoff: you get premium audio, but you pay a high price for it — literally. It’s tough then, at least initially, to take Astro’s new A10 cans seriously.

You can check out what we put the A10 through in our video review. PS4 edition of the Astro A20 headset. Astro’s Command Center PC application lets users tune equalization settings and set custom.

First HyperX tried making inroads with the $50 Cloud Stinger, then Astro dipped in with the Astro A10. With all these mainstream companies.

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Higher-end Astro headsets are locked to specific platforms (as well as PC) because they use optical ports or USB ports and Bluetooth wireless standards proprietary for each platform. But the A10.

Once known exclusively for its high-end headsets, Astro spent the past few years carving a niche at the budget-friendly end of the market. First there was the A10.

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The standard EQ options are fairly basic, but if you connect the dock’s USB cable to your PC–where the headset itself is also supported–you can use the Astro Command Center to tinker with the EQ.